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Scholarly publications

The Eigenfactor project has lead to numerous scholarly publications in several areas of research:
  • Journal, author, and article metrics
  • Algorithms for network clustering and mapping
  • Economics of scholarly publishing
  • Methods for scientific navigation
  • Studies on the sociology of science
These papers are enumerated below and available for download. We also provide code and pseudocode for calculating the Eigenfactor metrics. Code for running the various forms of the Infomap network clustering algorithm is available from mapequation.org.

Eigenfactor Metrics
  1. Leveraging Citation Networks to Visualize Scholarly Influence Over Time
  2. J. Portenoy, J. Hullman, J.D. West (2016)
    arXiv: 1611.07135 [pdf]
  3. Static ranking of scholarly papers using article-level Eigenfactor (ALEF)
  4. I. Wesley-Smith, C. T. Bergstrom, and J. D. West (2016)
    The 9th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM) [pdf]
  5. Author-Level Eigenfactor Metrics: Evaluating the Influence of Authors Institutions and Countries Within the SSRN Community.
  6. J.D. West, M.C. Jensen, R.J. Dandrea, G.J. Gordon, and C.T. Bergstrom, (2013)
    Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology 64: 787-801 [pdf]
  7. Response to "Big Macs and Eigenfactor Scores: The Correlation Conundrum"
  8. J.D. West, T.C. Bergstrom, C.T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology 61:2592 [pdf]
  9. Eigenfactor: ranking and mapping scientific knowledge
  10. J.D. West, (2010)
    PhD Dissertation. University of Washington [pdf]
  11. Big Macs and Eigenfactor Scores: Don't Let Correlation Coefficients Fool You
  12. J.D. West, T.C. Bergstrom, C.T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology. 61(9): 1800-1807 [pdf]
  13. How to improve the use of metrics: Learn from Game Theory
  14. J.D. West, (2010)
    Nature 465:871-872 [pdf]
  15. The Eigenfactor™ Metrics: A network approach to assessing scholarly journals
  16. J.D. West, T.C. Bergstrom, C.T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    College and Research Libraries. 71(3): 236-244 [pdf]
  17. The Eigenfactor™ Metrics: How does the Journal of Biological Chemistry stack up?
  18. J.D. West, M. Stefaner and C. T. Bergstrom, (2009)
    ASBMB Today April 2009: 20-21 [pdf]
  19. Differences in impact factor across fields and over time
  20. B. M. Althouse, J. D. West, T. C. Bergstrom, and C. T. Bergstrom, (2009)
    Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology 60: 27-34 [pdf]
  21. Assessing Citations with the Eigenfactor Metrics
  22. C.T. Bergstrom, J.D. West, (2008)
    Neurology 71: 1850-1851 [pdf]
  23. The Eigenfactor Metrics
  24. C.T. Bergstrom, J. D. West, M. A. Wiseman, (2008)
    Journal of Neuroscience 28(45):11433-11434 [pdf]
  25. Eigenfactor: Measuring the value and prestige of scholarly journals
  26. C.T. Bergstrom, (2007)
    &RL News C 68(5) [pdf]
Journal Economics
  1. Cost-effectiveness of open access publications
  2. J. West, T. C. Bergstrom, and C. T. Bergstrom, (2014)
    Economic Inquiry 52: 1315-1321 [pdf]
  3. The economics of ecology journals
  4. C. T. Bergstrom and T. C. Bergstrom, (2006)
    Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4:488-495 [pdf]
  5. Can 'author pays' journals compete with 'reader pays'?
  6. T. C. Bergstrom and C. T. Bergstrom, (2004)
    Nature web focus on Open Access publishing. [pdf]
  7. The costs and benefits of library site licenses to academic journals
  8. C. T. Bergstrom and T. C. Bergstrom, (2004)
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 101:897-902. [pdf]
Network Mapping
  1. Scalable and Efficient Flow-Based Community Detection for Large-Scale Graph Analysis
  2. S. Bae, D. Halperin, J.D. West, M. Rosvall, B. Howe (2016)
    ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (in press) [pdf]
  3. Delineating Fields Using Mathematical Jargon
  4. J.D. West, J. Portenoy (2016)
    Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) [pdf]
  5. Mapping Change in the Overnight Money Market
  6. M. L. Bech, C. T. Bergstrom, M. Rosvall, and R. J. Garratt, (2014)
    Physica A 424:44-51 [pdf]
  7. Memory in network flows and its effects on spreading dynamics and community detection
  8. M. Rosvall, A. V. Esquivel, A. Lancichinetti, J. D. West, and R. Lambiotte, (2014)
    Nature Communications 5:4630 [pdf]
  9. Multilevel compression of random walks on networks reveals hierarchical organization in large integrated systems
  10. M. Rosvall and C. T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    PLoS One 6: e18209 [pdf]
  11. The map equation
  12. M. Rosvall, D. Axelsson, and C. T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    European Journal of Physics 178:13-23 [pdf]
  13. Mapping Change in Large Networks
  14. M. Rosvall and C. T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    PLoS One 5: e8694 [pdf]
  15. Maps of random walks on complex networks reveal community structure
  16. M. Rosvall and C. T. Bergstrom, (2008)
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 105:1118-1123 Also arXiv physics.soc-ph/0707.0609v3 [pdf]
  17. An information-theoretic framework for resolving community structure in complex networks
  18. M. Rosvall and C. T. Bergstrom, (2007)
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104:7327-7331 [pdf]
Navigating Science
  1. Viziometrics: Analyzing Visual Information in the Scientific Literature
  2. P. Lee, J.D. West, B. Howe (2016)
    arXiv :1605.04951 [pdf]
  3. A recommendation system based on hierarchical clustering of an article-level citation network
  4. J.D. West, I. Wesley-Smith, and C. T. Bergstrom (2016)
    IEEE Transactions on Big Data 2:113-123 [pdf]
  5. Babel: A platform for research in scholarly article recommendation
  6. I. Wesley-Smith, J.D. West (2016)
    World Wide Web Conference (WWW). Worskhop on Big Scholarly Data [pdf]
  7. An Experimental Platform for Scholarly Article Recommendation
  8. I. Wesley-Smith, R.J. Dandrea, and J.D. West, (2015)
    European Conference on Information Retrieval [pdf]
  9. Hoptrees: Branching History Navigation for Hierarchies
  10. M. Brooks, J.D. West, C. Aragon and C.T. Bergstrom, (2013)
    Interact 2013:316–333 [pdf]
  11. Use ranking to help search
  12. C.T. Bergstrom, (2010)
    Nature 465:871-872 [pdf]
Sociology of Science
  1. Publication bias and the canonization of false facts
  2. S. B. Nissen, T. Magidson, K. Gross, and C. T. Bergstrom (2016)
    eLife 5:e21451 [pdf]
  3. Men set their own cites high: Gender and self-citation across fields and over time
  4. M. M. King, C. T. Bergstrom, S. J. Correll, J. J. Jacquet, and J. D. West (2016)
    arXiv 1607.00376 [physics.soc-ph] [pdf]
  5. The Academic Advantage: Gender Disparities in Patenting
  6. C.R. Sugimoto, C. Ni, J.D. West, Vincent Lariviere (2015)
    PLoS One. 10(5): e0128000 [pdf]
  7. More on data sharing (letter)
  8. C. T. Bergstrom
    New England Journal of Medicine 374: 1895-1896 [pdf]
  9. Why Scientists Chase Big Problems: Individual Strategy and Social Optimality
  10. C. T. Bergstrom, J. G. Foster, and Y. Song
    arXiv 1605.05822 [physics.soc-ph] [pdf]
  11. The academic advantage: gender disparities in patenting
  12. C. R Sugimoto, C. Ni, J. D. West, and V. Larivière (2015)
    PLoS One 10: e0128000 [pdf]
  13. Finding Cultural Holes: How Structure and Culture Diverge in Networks of Scholarly Communication
  14. D. A. Vilhena, J. G. Foster, M. Rosvall, J. D. West, J. A. Evans, and C. T. Bergstrom, (2014)
    Sociological Science 1:221-238 [pdf]
  15. The role of gender in scholarly authorship
  16. J. D. West, J. Jacquet, M. M. King, S. J. Correll, and C. T. Bergstrom, (2013)
    PLoS One 7: e66212 [pdf]
Code & Pseudocode
  1. Author-level Eigenfactor® pseudocode
  2. J. D. West and C. T. Bergstrom, (2008) [pdf]
  3. Eigenfactor® pseudocode
  4. J. D. West and C. T. Bergstrom, (2008) [pdf]
  5. Eigenfactor® code
  6. C. T. Bergstrom and J. D. West, (2008)
    Mathematica, short form [pdf] [nb]
    Mathematica, detailed form [pdf] [nb]
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